This is Vogue One

Welcome to Vogue One!

While I get things up and running, here’s a little bit of info about what to expect from the site.

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Vogue One is here to bring you all the latest and best fashion and accessories goodies that are floating around the geek world right now. Nerd “fashion” doesn’t just mean tees and hoodies anymore: high quality clothing with exciting new designs are on the rise, for both geeky guys and gals and it’s not just high street brands giving us more variety. We’re seeing more and more of the stuff we love appearing on catwalks and in high end shops. Although some of these things may be more than our budget can stretch to, we can all appreciate the amount of time and effort that’s put into these beautiful pieces.

Vogue One is here to celebrate creativity within geek fashion, as well as offer tips on sewing and styling your own clothing or cosplays (I have sewing knowledge in my head that I need to get out somehow). Vogue One won’t just focus on Star Wars stuff (big fan though), it’ll also look a at designs inspired by all franchises, video games and all things geeky! As well as here, you can follow us @vogueonefashion across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! Want to see certain things at Vogue One or found something we may have missed? Drop us a line and let us know!


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